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Top Loaded Bottom Load Point of Use Counter Top
We carry variety of Coolers;
* Different types: top loaded, bottom loaded, point of use (POU), and counter top.
* Different brands: Ovio, ThermoConcept, Oasis, Vitapure, Polar, Muskoke, and Crystal mountain.
* Different features: Before choosing your cooler, look into the cooler features to select the one that meet your requirements and needs. You can call us and one of our customer associate will be happy to help you make the right selection. Some of the feature to consider are;
- Cold/Hot
- Room Temperature (Cook)/Hot
- Matching bottle cover
- Large dispensing area for coffee pots and larger water bottles
- Energy Star certified
- Anchor for cup holder
- Colors
- Part can be cleaned in dishwasher
- Part can be easily dissembled for easy maintenance
- Warranty
- Adjustable cold thermostat
- Plastic cabinet (Polyethylene) won't rust or dent
- Stainless steel cabinet for cheek look chic
- Powerful compressor refrigeration
- Fits 3 and 5 gallons water bottle
- Noise damping technology
- Ready to dispense indicator lights, when hot water is ready
- Stainless steel reservoir
- No spill system

Top Loaded Bottom Load Point of Use Counter Top
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KeriKool Top-Load Bottle Cooler Crystal Mountain Top-Load Cooler Ovio /Top-Load Bottle Cooler
Ovio /Top-Load Bottle Cooler
Our Price: CAD270.00

The KeriKool Water cooler supplies Hot and Cold water for instant food and drink preparation. Fast cooling and highly efficient due to powerful compressor refrigeration. Fits standard 3 and 5 gallon bottles.

• Warranty: 90 days
• Color: White
• Reservoir: Stainless Steel

The Glacier Cooler is sophistication simplified. The rounded cabinet has a stylish fluted front, giving it a classic Greek column design. Features include approved food grade HDPE removable reservoir and the sealed Crystal Guard non-spill system. The Glacier is available in either a Cook and Cold, or Hot and Cold option in white, black or granite colors.

• DryGuard™ Patented non-spill system
• Epoxy coated aluminum evaporator band
• One piece blow molded polyethylene cabinet
• Tomlinson FDA approved self-closing faucets
• Adjustable cold water thermostat
• Free standing internal structure
• Three color options – White, Granite and Black
• Plastic (HDPE) cold water removable reservoir – select models
• #304 stainless steel cold water reservoir – select models
• #304 stainless steel hot tank – External mica heater band
• Noise dampening technology – Compressor muffler system

The Ovio Water Coolers provides 3.5 LPH of cold water and 5.0 LPH of hot water. The reservoir and hot water tank are both stainless steel with a capacity of 3.6L of cold water and a capacity of 1.92L of hot water.

Child Safe Faucet
The self-closing faucet requires a two-step action that is designed for easy use by adults and to prevent children from injuries. Supplied on all Hot & Cold units.

Fused Electrical Protection
The compressor is protected from harmful power surges and potentially expensive repair costs by a 12A fuse.

The Ovio has a one-piece stylish cabinet made of UV protected heavy-duty high-density polyethylene. Blow molded to allow easy access to internal components for convenient maintenance.

5 year warranty on compressor
1 year warranty on electrical & parts

12.5" (W) x 12.5"(L) x 38" (H)

Shipping Dimensions:
13" (W) x 13"(L) x 39"(H)

Weight/Shipping Weight

Countertop cooler Crystal Mountain Bottom Load - Hot and Cold Ovio Point Of Use
Avalanche Countertop Cooler
Our Price: CAD300.00
Ovio Point Of Use
Our Price: CAD720.00
The small footprint Avalanche water cooler designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen or office countertop Bottom-Load cooler means no more lifting heavy bottles, just open the front door and the bottle slides into the base of the cooler with little effor Bottleless water cooler, connect directly to your water line.