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Activated Carbon Block Granular Activated Carbon Minerals Sediment Filter
Activated Carbon Block Granular Activated Carbon Minerals Sediment Filter
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Sediment Filter Matrikx Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction -5 micron Penteck Granular Activated Carbon
Flow-Pro Sediment Filter
Our Price: CAD6.00
The Watts Flow-Pro® Polypropylene Melt Blown Cartridges offer exceptional value where depth filtration is required.

The most widely used carbon block devices in the world and provide previously unattainable


simultaneously remove chlorine taste and odor and organic chemicals that

contribute to taste and odor while providing the particulate ltration and dirt-holding capacity of an e-cient 5 micron

nominal sediment filter.

These lters are optimized for applications where they perform the role of both a sediment and

activated carbon filter.

Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges to reduce unwanted chlorine taste & odor, and certain VOCs from potable drinking water
Canpro Self Cleaning Shower  replacement Filter Pentair Encapsulated Membrane - - High Recovery Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Pentair Encapsulated Membrane
Our Price: CAD120.00

Chlorine reduction capacity: 15,000 gallons (56,700 liters)

For a family of three - change annually

High Efficiency 50 GPD Encapsulated Membrane Element